The Steadfast Entrepreneur Krishen Iyer

Successful businessman Krishen Iyer is a steadfast entrepreneur, founder, CEO and owner of the MAIS consulting company based in Encinitas, California. Its aim is to help companies grow. His inquisitive traits, courtesy as well as his listening skills have enabled him to establish and sustain good rapport with his clients thus widening his company’s client’s database. Krishen Iyer started focusing on his entrepreneurship career during his undergraduate studies at San Diego State University.


Here, the business expert Krishen Iyer studied Public Administration and urban development. His career development and success was not easily earned as it was faced with twists and turns. However, Krishen Iyer´s resilience, focus and determination projected his entrepreneurial success leading to his popularity and phenomenal growth in the industry. 


The marketing expert and business leader Krishen Iyer utilized the knowledge he gained throughout his educational background to launch his business. His business was that of selling insurance policies and providing managerial skills for lead insurance companies soon after his graduation. Through his real-time experience in the insurance and consulting sector, Iyre got what it takes to launch his first insurance company- MNP Insurance. 

Krishen’s prowess in the consulting and insurance sector coupled with his determination enabled him to spearhead the launch and operations of his current MAIS consulting company. MAIS is a business consulting firm that enables entrepreneurs and small-scale companies to negotiate and outsource services such as marketing to foster growth of such establishments. Since its inception, Krishen Iyer recalls, MAIS Consulting has transformed many start-up companies into lead companies by enabling them to re-brand, build, and strategically partner in marketing to maximize profits.