The Kuwaiti European Holding And Its CEO Abdulla Al Humaidi

Led by Abdulla Al Humaidi, Kuwaiti European Holding is playing towards the success of various sectors. These include the financial service, healthcare sector, entertainment industry, and leisure, contributing to its rise in fame and popularity. The firm’s co-founder Abdulla Al Humaidi came up with the idea of this firm and brought it to life officially in 2008. 


His mission and goal as the firm’s co-founder were to ascertain that everything runs smoothly. Abdulla took over the firm’s managerial role, and since then, he managed to ensure that all operations within the firm move on the right track. Abdulla Al Humaidi  held the role of the President and chief executive officer within the Kuwaiti European Holding company. He was in charge of all financial operations, making critical financial decisions within the company.


In addition to ascertaining that he builds a solid rapport with the firm and other customers. The company has built a solid foundation in Europe and Asia, Abdulla Al Humaidi adds. The firm’s managerial team is a significant factor spearheading its growth and ascertaining that it continues to expand to greater heights. They are also in charge of making critical analyses to help the company thrive. 

Abdulla Al Humaidi has supported several companies helping them achieve their target goals. Besides focusing on entrepreneurship and business growth, Abdulla Al Humaidi is also keen on building projects to help ensure community members grow to better levels. Success has been gradual within the investment company and in every progress made, they would open subsidiaries in various parts globally to ensure that things continue running on the right track. For instance, Abdulla Al Humaidi informs, they have subsidiaries in Kuwait, London, and Cairo.