Jessica Dean Shines As A Super Lawyer

For more than 20 years, Jessica Dean has racked up a substantial amount of law experience. With a lot to share about her life and career, sheknows that others will benefit from her experiences. The surprising part of it all is that her upbringing as a child allowed her to remain level-headed as her mom held down the home as she raised her and her siblings.

Besides her mom, Jessica Dean´s father also made a tremendous impact on her life as he showed his tremendous amount of dedication to the aviation field. By feeling inspired, she has been able to achieve her dream of becoming an outstanding attorney.

To get her career started, Jessica Dean began waitressing for the International House of Pancakes (IHOP). Although the work experience was not as good as she had hoped, having the opportunity itself was great to have. All through school, she was heavily involved with sports and debate. It is because of this that Jessica Dean saw her calling as an attorney. As she continued to pursue law, she was able to land a prestigious Boston university scholarship. After being accepted to Boston University´s Law School, she managed to continue working for IHOP at a nearby restaurant. Jessica Dean remains appreciative of her law school experience as well as the significant amount of friends along the way.

Professionally, she still reminisces on the difficulties that law school presented, which created a lot of challenges. Despite these challenges, she was able to take what she learned in law school and apply it to solve real-world problems. While in law school, she managed to befriend a classmate who would eventually be her business partner. As school partners for mock trials as well as developing a team that managed to work cohesively. It goes without saying that both Omar and Jessica have remained close friends as they both now work alongside each other.