Andrew Brooks Speaks at NRF Vision Panel

Andrew Brooks, the founder of Sinclair Global, spoke at the National Retail Federation’s annual vision panel in 2020. During the panel, he provided insight into entrepreneurship as a whole. While going over his past startups, he spoke on the various challenges he faced, the lessons he learned, and the successes that made him into the man he is today. Currently, he heads Sinclair Global as the CEO, leading the burgeoning streetwear brand into the future. One way in which Andrew Brooks Sinclair has helped the brand grow is through customer engagement. Speaking on the topic, he detailed how the average consumer of today is far more transparent with their desires than those of the past. And how important it is to cater to your demographic with successful brand integration campaigns.

One of the most successful for Andrew Brooks and Sinclair is their influencer campaigns. By finding an influencer that lives the life your target demographic wants to lead, successful brand integration is made simple. Further delving into the topic, Andrew Brooks stressed the importance of finding influencers that not only give your brand the image it deserves, but also offer you access to a group of consumers that might have otherwise overlooked your product. And for Sinclair, it’s not just about getting an influencer on the payroll. It’s about developing a relationship with that influencer. A business relationship, and even more, a friendship. For a truly successful campaign, the business needs to go out of its way to forge that relationship. Providing their influencers with customization options, access to events, and equipment that helps elevate them above the rest. And while it certainly takes a lot of effort, Andrew Brooks simply points to the success of Sinclair as a testament to the strategy.

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