Alejandro Betancourt Discusses Jobandtalent Growth

Jobandtalent is based in Madrid and connects temporary workers with employees. According to the company, more than 80000 people have acquired temporary jobs using the company’s apps. The company operates in Germany, the UK, Sweden, France, Spain, Mexico, and Columbia. Its leading employers include Huawei, eBay, XPO, and Bayer. Early investors such as Alejandro Betancourt have helped the company establish a strong foothold, thus remaining on top. There are many reasons why people look for temporary employment. Whether you are a young person or a retiree, temporary work is essential in your life. It can even be the best decision you ever make. According to Alejandro Betancourt, the number of people looking for a temporary job every year continues to increase. According to the company’s co-founder Juan Urdiales, the primary sectors for these jobs include warehouse, logistics, and transport. Jobandtalent’s revenue has grown to over $ 568 million and is thus planning to extend its operation to Latin America and the US.

Alejandro Betancourt believes that industries are transforming rapidly; demand for temporary workers increased during the pandemic. Companies have changed their recruitment mode, and trusted platforms backed with fast response and complex data. Jobandtalent’s ability to meet workers’ and employers’ needs have grown its popularity through the years. The company is working to combat the exploitation of workers and degradation of loyalty from either side. Additionally, the company is focused on acquiring all the facts an employer needs to make better recruitment decisions.

Alejandro Betancourt became interested in the company due to its ability to foresee stumbling blocks. He believes that the company has succeeded in meeting the needs of evolving ways of doing business. Mr. Betancourt, also the founder of Auro travel, is known for spotting unique opportunities in the market ahead of any other people.